Pamiątka z Paryża

tekst: Tina Oziewicz
ilustracje: Jacek Ambrożewski
Inspired by the untitled painting of the acclaimed Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal, Pamiątka z Paryża (A Souvenir From Paris) is a story about the pollination of the Eiffel Tower and how it resulted in the organic emergence of little Eiffel towers all around the world.

The "Young Connoisseur" series presents stories inspired by the works of art.
Each narrative ingeniously refers to the given painting, which recurs in the book as its leading graphic motif.

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ISBN 978-83-60850-43-5
15x17cm / hardcover / 48 pp
Dwie Siostry

„Following her Powidoki / Afterimages, a book that introduced the youngest readers to an adult world of art history and Władysław Strzemiński’s paintings, the Wrocław-based author Tina Oziewicz has decided to acquaint kids with the mysterious oeuvre of Wilhelm Sasnal. She attempts to do so in the new book entitled Pamiątka z Paryża / A Souvenir from Paris. A comment from the curator of Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art, Sebastian Cichocki, indicates that this is no simple task, because “Wilhelm Sasnal is interested in the entire world. Each of his paintings tells a different story, albeit not an easy one, and one for which we have to find a particular interpretative key. ”

“Brand-New Kiddies’ Lit”,

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